Join TDM's Competitive Program and Elevate Your Dance Journey

The Competitive Program at TDM is a dedicated stream for dancers committed to pushing their boundaries. Dancers here not only refine their techniques but also showcase their skills in multiple competitions, both locally and beyond Winnipeg. In this environment, dancers are consistently challenged to reach new heights while being supported every step of the way.

TDM offers two distinct levels tailored to dancers' needs: the Apprentice Program and the Competitive Company. Both programs emphasize the dancer's journey, providing an environment where dedication meets opportunity and challenge meets support. Individual aspirations are recognized, milestones celebrated, and every dancer is prepared for their evolving future in dance

  • Dedicated Competitive Stream: TDM's Competitive Program is specifically designed for dancers aiming to push their boundaries, ensuring focused and specialized training.

  • Broad Exposure: Dancers have the opportunity to showcase their skills in a variety of competitions, from local stages in Winnipeg to platforms beyond Manitoba and even outside of Canada.

  • Tailored Levels: With the Apprentice Program and the Competitive Company, TDM offers two distinct training levels, ensuring dancers find the right fit for their expertise and aspirations.

  • Holistic Growth: Beyond just techniques, TDM emphasizes the dancer's overall journey, ensuring they are both challenged to excel and supported in their growth.

  • Future-Ready Training: TDM's approach prepares dancers for their evolving future in dance, whether that's professional performance, instructing, or other dance-related endeavors.



The TDM Company Program is tailored for dancers looking to take their skills to the next level. This program offers intensive training sessions, allowing dancers to refine their techniques and improve their overall performance. Competing at higher levels gives them exposure to a competitive environment, challenging them and providing valuable feedback. Being part of this team also means collaborating with peers, sharing experiences, and learning from each other, which further enhances their growth and understanding of dance.



The Apprentice Program at TDM is designed for those starting their competitive dance journey. Here, dancers receive foundational training that focuses on building strong technical skills. They get the opportunity to compete, giving them a taste of the competitive scene and helping them understand where they stand. The program also prepares them for a smooth transition to the Company Program, ensuring they have the training and experience needed to move up when they're ready.

Interested in joining the TDM Competitive Team? Please reach out to or fill out the contact form below to arrange a private assessment.

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